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Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a service provided by your pharmacist with the goal of optimizing your medications to get the best possible outcome.  It’s one of the ways we go the extra mile for you and your family.

When you start the Medication Therapy Management program, our pharmacists will meet with you and ask you about:

  • How well your medications are working
  • Whether your medications have side effects
  • If there might be interactions between the drugs you’re taking
  • Whether your costs can be lowered
  • Other problems you’re having

We’ll then take all of that information and give you a written summary and action plan that recommends what you can do to get the most out of your medications.

medication therapy management, Medication Therapy Management

Our Medication Therapy Management Program

medication therapy management medication review neighbors pharmacy lafayette la

Medication Review

The first step of medication therapy management is to collect a list of all your medicines.  Our pharmacy staff will sit with you and go over all your medicines and determine if there are any potential risks or side effects of your medicines and prioritize them. Your pharmacist will use this information and work with your doctors to find ways to help reduce these risks or side effects.

medication therapy management personal medication record neighbors pharmacy lafayette la

Personal Medication Record

During the medication review, your pharmacist will put together your personal medication record.  This records lists all of your prescription and non-prescription medications.  You will get a copy of this record to keep with you.

medication therapy management medication action plan neighbors pharmacy lafayette la

Medication Action Plan

Once your personal medication record is complete, your pharmacist will develop a customized Medication Action Plan. This plan outlines what things you can do to help reach your health goals.

medication therapy management intervention neighbors pharmacy lafayette la


Together, you and your pharmacist will track your progress over time. Your pharmacist will consult with your doctors if need and make adjustments to your medications in order to continue to get the best possible outcome.

medication therapy management documentation and follow up services neighbors pharmacy lafayette la

Documentation & Follow-Up

At Neighbors Pharmacy, you are more than just a customer. Our staff will proactively follow up with you to make sure your are still doing well.  We will make a record of any changes and communicate those changes to your doctors if needed.

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