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Now that it is November, the weather is getting colder.  Even here in South Louisiana, people are starting to break out the sweaters and jackets so they can bundle up.  Moms are forcing their children to wear long pants to school and put jackets on before they leave for the school bus.  When the children complain moms say, “You don’t want to catch a cold.” But can you catch a cold from getting cold? The simple answer is no, you cannot. When you get a cold, runny nose, cough, perhaps a fever, you have come into contact with a virus. Just

Managing your medication can be challenging, especially for seniors who often take several medications each with their own dosing schedule. Depending on which medications you take, the pills may look very similar, so it is easy to get them confused and possibly take the wrong medication in the wrong amount at the wrong time. Remembering to take your medications a prescribed by your doctor is vital to ensuring your medications work as they are supposed to. So, Neighbors Pharmacy is now offering convenient Daily Dose Packs to make the process of taking your medications easier. Daily Dose Pill Packs are becoming

School is one place germs are expected.  Hundreds of children touching every surface imaginable as they explore and learn about the world. Up until now, it was simply a given that once school started sooner or later your child would catch a cold, you would keep them home only if they had a fever otherwise it was children’s cold medicine with breakfast and off they went. Since COVID-19 appeared and our whole lives came to a screeching halt, parents, teachers, and school boards are taking a closer look at their health and wellness policies and practices. In Louisiana, Governor Edwards recently

There has been much debate in the news recently about who should wear a mask and if they work to stop the spread of COVID-19. Before we look at how effective masks may or may not be in stopping COVID-19, it's important to understand the logic behind the recommendation to wear a mask. According to the CDC, the idea behind wearing masks is to prevent or reduce the amount of infected respiratory droplets from traveling into the air.  Every time we speak, laugh, cough, or sneeze, we release tiny drops of liquid into the air.  These droplets can contain many viruses

South Louisiana is known for its hot summers, and with COVID-19 some people are still hesitant to head back to the gym, leaving them few options but to exercise outside in the heat. If you are new to exercising, read our blog post about how to start exercising safely. So how can you workout outside in the hot summer months and avoid heat stroke, or heat exhaustion? Here are a few tips: Stay hydrated. As you exercise, you sweat but when you exercise outside int eh heat, you sweat even more. Make sure to drink plenty of water before you exercise

Before COVID-19, washing our hands was not something we thought too much about.  However, in a post-COVID-19 world, washing our hands has become a top news story. So, is there a right and wrong way to wash your hands?  The short answer is yes. While hand sanitizer kills germs, only the act of washing your hands with soap and water can physically remove dirt and germs from the surface of your skin. To remove as many germs as possible, it makes sense that the longer you spend washing your hands the more germs you will remove.  A quick rinse under a

The coronavirus is a serious disease that has taken the lives of just over 113 thousand people worldwide.  However, it is far from the worst pandemic the world has seen. In 1918-1919, just over a century ago, the Spanish Flu infected 500 million people, which was one-third of the population at the time, and 50 million people died.  By comparison, the coronavirus has infected 0.4% of that figure at just less than 1.9 million people. So while the coronavirus pales in comparison to the Spanish Flu pandemic, certain people do need to take the threat very seriously. For example, those with

Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month February is known for all the heart-shaped boxes full of candy, but did you know that February is also National Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month? Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) usually affects people 50 years or older.  It is a disease of the macula, a small area in the back of your eye that is responsible for your central vision, or what you see directly in front of you. It is like having a spec of dirt on a camera lens. There are two forms of AMD, dry and wet.  Most people start with dry AMD which later

How to start exercising With the new year, many people will have a goal to lose weight or get healthier which requires you to get active. "Exercise is the magic pill," says Michael R. Bracko, EdD, FACSM, chairman of the American College of Sports Medicine's Consumer Information Committee. "Exercise can literally cure diseases like some forms of heart disease. Exercise has been implicated in helping people prevent or recover from some forms of cancer. Exercise helps people with arthritis. Exercise helps people prevent and reverse depression." But what if you don’t currently exercise? How do you get started? For those who have not

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time of year, but with all of the festivities, decorating and hustle come added dangers.   Help keep your family safe this Christmas by following these simple safety tips. If you have a live tree, make sure that you keep it watered and away from a heat source or open fire.  Dehydrated trees can easily catch on fire endangering not only your home but your family too. Check your Christmas lights for damaged cords.  After being stuck in a hot attic all year long make sure that you check the wiring on your Christmas