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At Neighbors Pharmacy, local friendly service is the cornerstone of our business. From the moment you walk into our pharmacy you'll feel right at home. We treat you like family, because that is what good neighbors do.
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Monthly Pill Packs

Monthly Pill Packs are an easy, affordable and convenient way to help you or a loved one remember to take their medications.  Not taking your medications correctly or consistently is a major problem in the United States. Some studies estimate that it costs us $290 billion per year in otherwise avoidable medical costs.

Monthly pill packs are designed to be a simple visual way to keep track of what you have taken and what you still have to take each day.  The clear blisters can hold multiple medications, so all of your medications are kept in one convenient spot.  No more trying to organize multiple medicine bottles.

Each pill pack includes an area where your pharmacist will place your medication labels, so you, your doctor and loved ones can easily find all of your medication information in case of an emergency.

monthly pill packs

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