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National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day is observed on the last Wednesday in September. It is the nation’s largest annual health promotion event for women of all ages.

More than 500 groups across the country will host women’s health and fitness events at senior centers, hospitals, health clubs, park and recreation districts, local health and service organizations, schools, retirement communities, houses of worship, and other community locations. An estimated 50,000 to 75,000 women of all ages are expected to participate in these local activities. Activities will be noncompetitive and may include walking events, exercise demonstrations, health screenings, and health information workshops.

As women, we usually put others need before our own. Whether it’s the kids, our spouses, work or other obligations, we rarely take time for ourselves, and it shows.

Did you know that:

* Women are more likely to die following a heart attack than men

* Women are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety than men

* The effects of sexually transmitted diseases can be more serious in women

* Osteoarthritis affects more women than men

* Women are more likely to have urinary tract problems

When you add menopause, breast cancer and other “female” health concerns to the list, it’s easy to see why we need to make time for our own health needs.

Here are a few small things you can do right now to put your needs first

1. Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet consists of natural, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

2. Exercise. This one may be easier said than done, but did you know that aside from the cardiovascular benefits of exercise, it can also help your mood. Studies show that women who exercise regularly have a lower incidence of depression and stress? Taking a 30-minute walk around the block can help clear your mind and relax.

3. Avoid risky habits. When people are stressed, they sometimes turn to smoking, drinking, or even pain medication for relief. Don’t. Perhaps take that walk we mentioned earlier or call one of your girlfriends and talk it out. Any temporary relief you may feel from these activities will be outweighed sooner or later by the negative effects on your health.

4. Know your body. Don’t ignore that nagging pain that won’t go away, that headache, or that “just not right” feeling. Sure, it may not be very convenient to be sick, but ignoring your symptoms can lead to things getting much much worse. Our dentists remind us to floss daily, and our OBGYN’s tell us to do self-breast exams every month. So maybe we should listen to our body and doctors for good reason.

Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day by taking care of YOU!