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Staying Healthy During the Holidays

, Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The Holiday Season is a joyous time that many spend with their families and loved ones. However, spending so much time with others in a close proximity can put you at an added risk of catching a stomach bug or virus. So here are some ways to stay healthy this Season.

Wash Your Hands Often
We were all taught how to properly wash our hands in middle school. And we got a ton of reminders when the pandemic hit. But just to cover our bases, remember you need to use soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds to efficiently wash your hands.

Manage Stress
This seems like an impossible task. However, everyone has a million and one things to get done in the next few weeks. Just be sure to give yourself breaks and rely on your support system to get you through it. Whether you ask your significant other to go pick up the last couple of gifts (with very detailed instructions, of course) or have the kids do more work around the house, delegating tasks can save you from exhaustion. Along these same lines, take this help to give yourself some more beauty sleep. By staying well-rested and managing your stress levels, you’re giving your immune system its best shot to fight against whatever you may be exposed to.

Get Your Vaccinations
The last thing you want to deal with this Season is the Flu or COVID-19. Getting your vaccinations protects yourself as well as those around you. Vaccines are vital when you spend time around people who may be infected without knowing.
Get Exams and Screening
Not only do a lot of people go to their doctors at the end of the year before insurance benefits restart, but it is also an excellent time to make sure everything is functioning as it should. For example, if you have developed a problem with your immune system, you should be aware of any issues, especially during a season filled with gatherings. Be sure to also update your personal and family medical histories at these visits!

Be Smoke-Free
It’s no secret that being exposed to smoke that includes tobacco is extremely bad for your health. It is also important to remember that second-hand smoke is also dangerous. While the holiday season is stressful, it would be a good idea to try to quit smoking to protect your loved ones. If quitting is not an option, be sure to light up away from others.

Practice Fire Safety
With temperatures dropping, it can be tempting to leave the fireplace on all the time, but a house fire would only ruin the holidays. Be sure not to leave fireplaces, space heaters, or candles burning unattended for long periods of time. If you have a gas fireplace or stove, be sure to stay aware of any gas leaks that could lead to a fire.

Prepare Food Safely
The food of the holiday season is something that most people look forward to. However, make sure it’s not the reason anyone gets sick. Be sure to wash your hands and surfaces frequently. Cross-contamination could lead to food poisoning or allergy issues. Also, be sure to cook all food to the proper temperatures and refrigerate promptly once everyone is done eating.

Eat Mindfully
There’s no sense in overeating and feeling gross for the rest of the day. Not only will this cause digestion problems, but it could also lead to unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain. So don’t make your New Year’s resolution to get into shape any harder than it already is!

Drink Plenty of Water
As hard and tedious as it can be to drink the recommended amount of water a day, you will see excellent results if you do. Staying hydrated helps your immune system stay healthy, and it will keep your liver in good shape for when you need to unwind after all the craziness with a cocktail or two. With lower temperatures, staying hydrated will keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy too!

Keep Moving
It can be tempting to spend your whole vacation relaxing in bed, but staying active can help strengthen your immune system. In addition, finding ways to exercise throughout the holiday season can help reduce your stress levels and keep you from gaining unnecessary weight.

Bundle up to Stay Dry and Warm
This may seem like common knowledge, but staying warm with the appropriate outerwear can save you from a nasty cold. Be sure not to put on wet coats, gloves, or scarves, and discard layers before you start sweating.

Don’t Drink and Drive or Let Others Drink and Drive
Almost 300 people die each year during the Holiday Season due to drunk drivers on the road. Even if you think you or your driver will be fine, driving while intoxicated puts not only you at risk but also everyone else who is on the road. Be sure to have a designated driver or make plans to stay wherever you start drinking.

Your family at Neighbors Pharmacy wants to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. Feel free to give the pharmacy a call if you have any questions on how to stay healthy this Season!