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Tips for Healthy Eating

, Tips for Healthy Eating

Tips for Healthy Eating

Andrea Nakayama once said, “you’re not what you eat. You’re what your body can do with what you eat.” Likely by now, most of us have slowly forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions. However, National Nutrition Month, which falls every March, is a wonderful opportunity to get back in the saddle and take control of your health and your diet.

Lots of fruits and veggies
“Eat your fruits and vegetables” is a saying that is told to almost everyone at some point in their lives. In elementary school, we learn about the food groups and how a colorful plate is the healthiest. In high school, we know how important a healthy diet is to give our bodies the ability to function correctly. In college, we see how quickly those pounds pack on when we don’t have someone guiding our nutritional choices. Then, when you have children, you are lectured on the healthiest things to eat to grow another life and the options you should avoid. Then, once your own baby starts to eat, you’re again reminded of how important a balanced diet is for brain development. With that in mind, Neighbors Pharmacy knows that you know what you need to do here, so here’s your gentle reminder from your Neighbors.

Cut down on saturated fats and sugars.
.Not all fats and sugars are bad. Fruits are often high in sugar, and avocados are some of the fattiest naturally occurring foods. However, we need some sugar and fats in our diet to function. We don’t need the saturated fats and processed sugars that are found in most of today’s junk food. And while it’s okay to splurge on a snack occasionally, keeping these saturated fats and sugars to a minimum will always be in your best interests.

Cut back on the salt.
.Less is more is the motto when it comes to sodium. On average, adults should consume no more than 6g of salt per day. Keep this in mind when ordering out and when cooking at home. While we all want flavorful food, we also don’t want to negate the healthier properties of our meals by adding too much salt. Not to mention the dehydrating properties of salt that we’ll touch on a little bit later.

Do not get thirsty
This is not to say don’t drink water. This means you should drink water so consistently that you should never feel thirsty. If you get thirsty, that is your first sign that you are already dehydrated. A good rule of thumb for your water intake is half your body weight in ounces daily. So if someone weighs 150 pounds, they should drink 75 ounces of water daily.

Get active. Aim for a HEALTHY body weight.
.Of course, you can have a perfect diet and still not be living a nutritious lifestyle. Your exercise routine is as essential to your overall nutrition as drinking water. Your daily exercise doesn’t need to be an hour-long gym routine – but good for you if it is. This routine can be as simple as walking around for 30 minutes on your lunch break, taking a relaxing bike ride after work, or doing a quick session at the gym – or in your living room – before starting your day. Remember that your exercise goal is not to lose weight but to be at a healthy weight. Many people can be 20-30 pounds heavier than their ideal weight and still be perfectly healthy. Talk with your healthcare provider to learn what weight is best for you.

Listen to your body
All the tips above are important and can help you reach your fullest potential regarding your nutritional plans. However, if something doesn’t work for you, or if it just isn’t your day. That is perfectly okay! If you’re not hungry enough by the time dinner time rolls around to eat another serving of vegetables, it’s okay. Just make sure you don’t finish off that chocolate cake instead. If you can only incorporate exercise into your day 3 times a week, do that. And make sure to be extra cautious of the saturated fats you intake when you can’t exercise. The best thing about perfecting your nutritional plan is that it is entirely, 100% yours.

As with most life changes, you shouldn’t expect yourself to be able to adjust to all of these things overnight. Change takes time, and progress can occur in the smallest of steps. However, if you can complete just one of these a day, you’re that much closer to your goal. Neighbors Pharmacy has plenty of healthy snacks, water, and vitamins to help you make a healthier and happier you!